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Organically Grown, Fair Trade, and Blessed.

A Perfect Seed’s quinoa is hand cultivated and harvested by Bolivia’s original quinoa farmers. We use organic growing methods so we never hurt the earth or each other, and we are Fair Trade so all producers are paid a fair price and resources are distributed to our communities.

We bless the quinoa in a “ch’alla” thanking Pachamama (earth mother) for giving us the seed and asking our ancestors and mountains to protect the tiny seedlings as they grow to towering quinoa plants.

We bless you, our customers, for helping to share in our love for quinoa, the earth and all people.

Sticky K’ispina

   The favorite of all Andean bakers, this super smooth, glutinous quinoa variety can be ground into a whole quinoa flour that replaces wheat (white) flour in a one-to-one ratio. Superior in texture, flavor, and nutrition to rice or pea flours, quinoa flour is naturally gluten free, organic, GMO-free, high protein, and unprocessed. Great ground into a flour for cookies, pastries, pancakes, and breads.  Or toasted, ground and sprinkled into a smoothie for extra thickness and protein. Can also be used whole in soups as a heavy thickener and to replace sticky rice in any recipes.

Healing Negra

The body builder, antioxidant healer. For centuries we have used the sweet, medicinal quinoa negra for growing strong, healthy children and easing pain and inflammation. Toasted and ground, quinoa negra can be made into a nutritious hot or cold beverage. Cooked like rice, it adds a dramatic flair to salads and tabouli.

Holy Toledo

The fast cook three sisters of quinoa. Our gorgeous trio: red, yellow, and orange Toledo quinoa comes as a large, creamy white seed. It is the best variety for making the lightest, fluffiest quinoa – quickly.  Cooking in just 10 minutes, Toledo can be served in place of rice in recipes, or on its own.  Boil for a smooth creamy result or toast before boiling for a full, nutty taste. 

Pisankalla Popping Quinoa

A favorite variety amongst Andean children.  This dark red quinoa is vitamin and mineral rich, chock full of proteins and pops like popcorn!  Traditionally it is eaten as a midday snack dry roasted, popped, and tossed with sugar.  We like it as an ice-cream and yogurt topper, and as a key ingredient in home-made granolas and energy bars.


Creamy Pandela

. This popular high altitude quinoa variety is specially hand grown and harvested along with the other Royal Quinoas. Its long growing season and specialized care produces a high nutrition content with many antioxidants.  Creamy Pandela is excellent as a rice substitute in any recipe, in salads, on its own.  In soups it is an amazing thickener producing delicious cream soups.