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Dark red quinoa, 10 oz by weight, 2 cups by volume (about 4 servings).

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A favorite variety amongst Andean children. This dark red quinoa is vitamin and mineral rich, chock full of proteins and pops like popcorn! Traditionally it is eaten as a midday snack dry roasted, popped, and tossed with sugar. We like it as an ice-cream and yogurt topper, and as a key ingredient in home-made granolas and energy bars.

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Weight 10 oz

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  1. Tamara Stenn

    This was the most fun project ever! My daughter and I had so much fun popping our quinoa in a large pot with high sides and hardly any oil. It was easy and fun and tasted delicious. We sprinkled it on our oatmeal and smoothie. Crispy crunchy Yum!

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