A Perfect Seed members are original, royal quinoa producers.

Our members are original Royal Quinoa producers

A Perfect Seed members are original, Royal Quinoa producers that live in small communities scattered along the 50-mile wide shoreline of the vast volcano-ringed Uyuni salt flats. The high mineral content of the salty, volcanic soils, intense sunlight, extreme temperatures, harsh, dessert environment, and thousands of years of ancestral wisdom come together to enable us to produce the world’s finest Royal Quinoa.

We learned to farm from our parents and grandparents who learned from their parents and grandparents, passing down centuries of indigenous knowledge and traditions in our native languages of Quechua and Aymara. Until recently, we lived off the grid in thatched, adobe houses maintaining a perfect balance between our llama herds and quinoa fields, providing a balanced diet and humble lifestyle. Today we have electricity, roads, and more education and opportunities for our children but our love and care for quinoa remains the same.

When the frost is on the stone and the stars are hazy in the cold spring night, we know it’s time to start planting the quinoa. When the bird nests are high up the grass stalks, we know we will have more rain this season. Our quinoa is our child, it grows in nine months, just like a baby. We bless and honor the earth mother, Pachamama, for helping us to birth to quinoa and bring it forth to share with the world.

A Perfect Seed’s quinoa producer members are members of certified Fair Trade and organic associations such as: