Building sustainability, transparency, and well-being.

Supplying Royal Quinoa Since 1900 BC

A Perfect Seed grew from founder, Dr. Tamara Stenn’s three-year Fulbright study of the impact that quinoa farming had on original producers. The need to directly connect producers with consumers became clear as expensive, rare varieties of Royal Quinoa became mixed with lesser quality quinoa and sold at low prices to indiscriminate global markets. The quality, economic value and the deep cultural heritage of this heirloom quinoa was being lost. A Perfect Seed was formed to stop this.

A Perfect Seed is guided by a coop board made up of equal numbers of Royal Quinoa producers and US experts. Quinoa producers are members of A Perfect Seed and share in ownership of the company. A Perfect Seed is committed to following all Fair Trade and organic guidelines and is in the process of becoming a certified B-Corp.

A Perfect Seed, Inc. is a Benefit Corporation and cooperative enterprise between indigenous Bolivian Royal Quinoa farmers and a U.S.-based Board. Together we form an international Board of Directors that develops and oversees the promotion and distribution of the world’s largest, most creamy, nutritious, delicious quinoa—Royal Quinoa. We do this by proving college professors and students access to the farmers through academic travel tours, live case studies, and interactive marketing curricula. In addition, A Perfect Seed rare quinoa varieties are sold via e-commerce to consumers, restaurants, and manufacturers worldwide. A Perfect Seed supports food sovereignty, heritage foods, indigenous rights, and sustainable development working with rare Fair Trade, organic, hand grown quinoa varieties. This organization grew out of founder, Dr. Stenn’s, three years of Fulbright research in Bolivia’s remote Royal Quinoa region (2015 – 2018).


Our Promise to You

We promise that A Perfect Seed hand-grown, organic, Royal Bolivian quinoa varieties are the most authentic, freshest, heirloom quinoas you can ever find, always. 


100% Organic

A Perfect Seed’s quinoa is always 100% certified organic, produced with respect for Pachamama, the Earth Mother, nourished with local organic llama manure and grown using careful regenerative agriculture, land rotation, and hand cultivation methods.


Fair Trade

A Perfect Seed’s quinoa is always 100% certified Fair Trade direct to the member-owned associations whom are members of our organization. There are no “middlemen” or secondary organizations. The fair wags, community development funds, technical expertise and revenue go directly to the farmers themselves who have full autonomy over their use.

Royal Quinoa

A Perfect Seed’s quinoa is always 100% certified Royal Quinoa, grown only in a narrow 50 mile zone circling Bolivia’s Uyuni salt flats and produced with blessings respecting the culture and tradition of the ancestors.


Always Fresh

Unlike other quinoa suppliers, A Perfect Seed’s quinoa is always from the current harvest year ensuring you the freshest, most robust, full flavor quinoa there is.

Only The Best Quality  Quinoa

A perfect Seed Royal Quinoa is the only quinoa directly sourced from the farmers’ kitchens.  While the rest of the world was enjoying their “white, red and mixed” quinoa, the original quinoa farmers themselves were enjoying K’ispina, Toledo and Pandela—all of which were white, but had distinct culinary properties: K’ispina was for bread, Toledo for soups and Pandela was prepared as rice.

International buyers purchase quinoa as “white” and order it mixed together for export – never realizing the unique properties each variety had.  Scores of unique, rare, varieties can only be found and grown in the 25 mile Royal Quinoa zone of the Uyuni salt flats.  A Perfect Seed, being farmer owned and managed, respects the ancient culinary traditions and micro properties of the Royal Quinoa varieties making them available to you.