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Feast like a Superstar. Get a Taste of Royalty.

A Perfect Seed’s Royal Quinoa™ is the most nutritious, authentic, hand-harvested quinoa from the Bolivian Altiplano. An ancient food choice of Inca Kings, A Perfect Seed’s unique varieties of Royal Quinoa are healthy, sustainable, and good for your body and soul.

Rare Heirloom Varieties.

From our kitchens to yours, we bring you the rare quinoa varieties
that we have been cultivating and cooking with for 2,000 years.

Size matters.

Unlike the small, hard Chilean or Peruvian quinoa, Bolivia’s Royal Quinoa is larger and packed with more protein and antioxidants. Royal Quinoa cooks up soft and fluffy, offering optimal flavor, and nutrition. Custom-tailored varieties bring
your recipes to life in new, amazing ways.

Our Varieties

The original quinoa farmers maintain dozens of ancient varieties of quinoa separate in their fields and kitchens. We’ve chosen the best of those varieties to offer for you! From the sweeter, delicious K’ispina to the heartier Negra, there’s a quinoa variety for your cooking needs!



Royal Quiona: K'ispina


Royal Quiona: K'ispina



Delicious Recipes

Quinoa Sushi

Quinoa Smoothie

Organically Sourced.
Beautifully Served.

Every bag of our Bolivian Royal Quinoa is hand-cultivated using traditional and sustainable methods. It’s all grown organically, and purchased fair-trade because we believe everyone deserves only the best.

Learn more about how the quinoa gets from the salt flats of Bolivia to your doorstep.

Royal Quinoa Subscription

Join our growing community of quinoa producers, quinoa chefs, cooks, and aficionados. We will share with you our recipes, customs, kitchens, and lifestyles and—in the spirit of reciprocity—will create a space for you to do the same.


Heirloom Varieties

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A Perfect Seed is located in Putney, Vermont, USA, and along the shores and mountains of Bolivia’s Uyuni Salt Flats.

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